About Us

About J. Floris Construction

J. Floris Construction Ltd. is a commercial and residential construction management and general contracting company that specializes in both new innovative structures and integrated renovation type projects.

Since our incorporation in 1996, we have successfully completed over 1200 projects, including financial and healthcare institutions, residential developments, and commercial warehousing. Over the last 22 years, it has been our pleasure to provide quality services to many satisfied clients.

In 2007, J. Floris Construction Ltd. received the “Supplier of the Year” award from Envision Financial for the construction of several new financial institutions. We have also succeeded in the completion of several LEED projects (Envision Willoughby Branch, Envision City Gate Branch, Envision West Bank, and SPCA Maple Ridge), showcasing our ability to adapt and excel at a higher standard on more technical projects. At J. Floris Construction, we strive to reach building sustainability wherever possible (in accordance with LEED standards), as well as to meet and exceed the new principles that are introduced to our building code every year. Working on many LEED projects over the years has given our company an advantage when approaching a project that requires “green” or sustainable building principles. The experience we continue to gain allows us to work seamlessly with the design team to help incorporate the traits our clients want to see in the final product.

As the design process continues and working drawings are created for review, we will ensure our experienced team members look at the preliminary plans for any potential cost savings in building shape or materials, as well as some preliminary forecasting for potential issues during construction. Our experienced team will also review the specification of building materials, as we have extensive knowledge about building products that will benefit the life cycle of the building.

We are devoted to working towards creating a sustainable community. All of our “green” building practices and local performance standards (LEED, Passive House, etc.) are met from the design stage all the way to completion. As construction managers/general contractors, it is our responsibility to maintain all on-site activities and material reviews in order to obtain the desired performance standards set out by the client and design team. All of the procedures set in place by our team are strictly reinforced by our project managers and site superintendents, and all trade contractors are required to submit their performance information and material declarations with each progress draw to ensure the quality of the design is being met throughout the entire project. Organization and proper system maintenance are crucial to the success of any project and we ensure procedures are in place to keep track of all project documentation.

At J. Floris Construction Ltd., we ensure that each employee is trained with a minimum standard of Level 1 First Aid and that there is a Level 2 First Aid CSO employed on each of our jobsites to maintain a high level of safety at all times. Numerous safety training sessions are also held with our employees before and during construction, which includes weekly tool-box talks to discuss the prevention of accidents. All of our employees are trained in chemical anchoring, fire stopping & smoke sealing, power actuated training, and WHMIS training. Every month, each of our jobsites undergoes a thorough safety review and reports are issued, documenting safety activity onsite.

Since our incorporation in 1996, we have had the opportunity to work on many challenging and technical projects. During this time, we have been able to help clients and stakeholders maximize profitability by utilizing team's experience to add value to the design process. That is why we prefer to be engaged on a project as early as possible to help the design team sort through potential issues and risks before they happen. This experience has not only saved clients on costs but also added value to the overall finished product. J. Floris Construction Ltd. demonstrates the integrity, professionalism, and skill that is required for the successful completion of any project.